Lustrous serious of watches is seductive in appearance scarce in its availability. It’s specially designed and crafted for our premium segment market. The collection will lure you into owning one and entice the onlooker.

We are the present and future. We get on your nerves, makes a mess and create a tantrum but aren’t we just adorable?WE love colors with the touch of playfulness. Our watches exactly that.

Water is the elixir of life. Our Marine serious of watches embodies the serenity and essence of water with its fibre body and startling design.

Designed with all the love, elegance and endearing features that epitomize a women. calista brand offers contemporary designs for the gen-x girls as well as traditional designs like bracelet design watches, kada type models and Enamel Based watches for all the special occasion in a womens life.

Our Race serious is target to all the youngsters of our generation. You are young , wild and free. Our race serious are modelled for the youngster who live their life in the fast lane. With its sporty look and hunky design you always says on the right course of life.

I am thin as a streak of light. “Size doesn’t matter” they say and I concur. With a sleek design and a lithe body, good things sure do come in small packages.

The nostalgia sweeps through us when the day’s last ray of sun streaks through the horizon. Twilight series of watches with its spectacular mix of colour and majestic design is a owner’s pride.

The third and the most versatile one, the Nabila brand of watches is a series of Classic Design of steel watches in leather straps best suited for the casual, laid back days that we all so love to have.

The final one of the series, Oksana brand of watches is made from the sheer strength of nature for it’s a collection of Steel watches with Steel Metal straps rubbing of its resolve on to the wearer.

The second one is the sweetest, Evanthe Brand is an array of watches with highly gold plated case & a metal strap that goes well with formal wearing gentlemen, while going easy on your wallet.

The first of the lot, Levana Brand of watches is all about swagger and for a good reason. With a mindboggling collection of dazzling Gold Plated Leather Belt watches, you just can’t resist showing off.

It takes two to tango. That’s holds true for time. This series rebuff all those existentialists. Our Duo series of watches shows you time of the place where you are and where your thought is.

Finding your better half is a dream come true and getting married to one is invaluable. Lenco’s Soulmate series with its range of identical pair watches made of steel and gold for the lovely couple.

Lenco’s ‘Pearl’ collection of watches is an honest attempt dedicated to the women of the 21st century. Engulfed by finely carved stones, the delicate strap and exquisite dial-piece are thoughtfully put together to brighten your shine in every occasion.

A spectacular new collection of watches that has both analog and digital timepiece embedded together in a single dial. Quasi is designed to offer double the experience of wearing a watch. The absence of seconds hand is complemented by the digital display of seconds.

Like a centaur, the strength of a horse and the grace of a human intertwine to form Lenco’s Bi-Metal series of watches. A rare combination of steel and gold colour suitable to be worn for any special occasion. The slender curves down the timepiece and robust strap all make up into one extraordinary watch.

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