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Since the inception of our brand “Lenco” in 2015 wholly backed up with 18 years of unparallel experience in the horological industry we have strived for perfection and providing an array of designs.
Lenco is synonymous to quality watches with a blend of style and substance.The brand “Lenco” was initiated in 2015, duly backed up by an unsullied experience of 18 years in the Swiss watch industry and has since created a buzz in the horological industry through our quest for perfection and the wide range of designs that we offer. Innovation and affordability is at the fulcrum of Lenco’s objectives. We believe watches are an object of novelty, an apparel of style and a statement of fashion. Lenco watches concoct everything that’s paramount in the market. Our passion and zeal duly reflects in the watches we produce which is why Lenco watches are revered by both customers and dealers across the country.
Lenco watches offer eclectic designs that will baffle your imagination. Lenco is unique and so are our customers’ preferences; therefore we offer products in various shape, size and hue. Attention to minute detail of every single entity that makes up our watches is given utmost importance. What’s more? Our products are affordable. Pinch yourself.
Are you wondering what could be the perfect gift for your loved one on a special occasion? Lenco offers watches for every occasion and our products range from watches for kids, teenagers and adults. Our brand has established a reputation for rigorous quality control measures that reaffirms our customers trust and ascertains Lenco’s position at par in the market.
With an unparallel experience of 20 years in watch manufacturing and with clear signs of further expanding our market, Lenco is an ideal choice to initiate a long standing, robust and profitable business relationship.
We guarantee your Lenco watch against manufacturing defects, guarantee of Plating and battery for 1 years from the date of retail purchase. Subject to the exceptions listed below,
Damage caused by mishandling including damage to the glass/strap/bracelet. Damage caused by watch being opened anywhere other than a unauthorised service center. Damage due to water entry in a non WR watch.
Plating damage due to exposure to chemical solvents, cleaners, detergents etc. Plating damage due to abuse of the watch like scratches, dents etc. Plating wear off on the underside of the metal bracelet.
The special guarantee on gold plating and battery is applicable only for watches purchased in India.
Any consequential damage or loss arising on account of the aforesaid. Normal wear and tear.

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